Giz Tulle and Curtain Bleach 500 / 700 gr

Giz Tulle and Curtain Bleach 500 / 700 gr


Giz Bleaching powder prepared especially for curtains and laundry for removing soots and spots, making whiter and brighter. 
Excellent result with warm water. Safely used in all types of machine and hand washing.



Washing Machine:  Add 3 tablespoons (65 g) Giz Curtain and Laundry bleach into the detergent dispenser together with the laundry detergent for the main wash. 
For hand wash: 
Add 3 tablespoons (65g) Giz Curtain and Laundry Bleach into 4 liters of water together with detergent.


Nonionic surfactant <%5,
Oxygen-based whitener >%30,


 In case of contact with eyes, rinse throughly with water. Can not be used for cleaning hand, body, face and foodstuff. Keep out of reach of children.