Giz Anti-Lime 500 / 1000 gr

Giz Anti-Lime 500 / 1000 gr


Giz Anti-Calcaire;
Prevents formation of calcium and magnesium scales, softened water improveswashing results, reduces energy and detergent consumption. Limescale in the water reduces the washing machine performance and leads to longer washing time and higher energy consumption. Giz Anti-Calcaire prevents laundry from getting dark and hard caused by limescale in the water.


Use Giz Anti-Calcaire in all temperatures, dose according to water hardness. Add 1 spoonful of Giz anti-Calcaire in medium hard water, 2 spoonfuls in hard water and in very hard water add 4 spoonfuls to the detergents.


Complexing agent  >30%
Sodium carbonate >30%
Nonionic surfactant <5%


In case of contact with eyes, rinse throughly with water for several minutes. Harmful if swallowed.