About Us


We promise to produce the best products, which improve consumers living standards and to respect the environment.




UZAY KIMYA was founded in 1983 by Sevda Arıkan, PhD, a chemical engineer experienced in household cleaning industry. The main target of the company is to produce special goods unique in the Turkish market which help to improve the living standards of the consumers. UZAY KIMYA started as the first producer of dishwasher detergents and furniture polishes in Turkey, making it one of the leading producers of household cleaning products.
With more than 30 years of experience, our company competes with multinational companies. Today, UZAY KIMYA continues to develop and launch new products.

As of 2022, it has entered the cosmetics sector by starting the production of hair shampoos and shower gels for babies and adults, with ecological certification and organic content.
UZAY KIMYA produces and develops household cleaning products for its own brands and for the Private Label market.

Our unique benefits

Sensitivity for changing customer expectations and market standards,
Focus on consumer needs to improve their living standards,

Experienced R & D team focuses on quality and sustainability.

Our innovative profile monitors the latest technology in the chemical industry

Trustworthiness is our top value in satisfying our customers, business partners and staff.


To be market leader in our home market and grow in international markets with world class products


To produce innovative household care products that will satisfy customer needs and expectations.

To produce the best products, which improve consumers living standards and to respect the environment.


Since 1988, we are exporting our range of products throughout the world. Our exported products are available under our UZAY, GİZ, U Green Clean,BENİM brands, as well as Private Label shop brands.

Our Environment and OHS Policy

  • To ensure that wastes are minimized at their source, reused and recycled whenever possible, and that non-utilizable wastes are disposed of with appropriate methods.
  • To ensure the efficient use of our energy, raw materials and natural resources.
  • To prevent environmental pollution.
  • To work with zero work accident by taking the necessary measures to reduce the hazards and prevent work accidents.
  • To fulfill our legislation and legal obligations regarding environment and occupational safety.
  • To produce innovative products with original designs that are environmentally friendly and sensitive to human health.


Our Quality Policy

  • To present world-class consumers with environmentally friendly and specially designed cleaning and home care products that are not available in Turkey but are needed, and to open up to world markets.
  • To employ personnel in accordance with our quality targets and to ensure that every job is done in the best way by training all personnel.
  • To achieve the targets set by constantly reviewing and improving the quality indicators.
  • To produce defect-free products with the most reasonable price and quality balance that meet the expectations of customers respectful to the environment, in compliance with legal regulations and standards, by determining the total quality philosophy.
  • To adopt total quality management and fulfill all its requirements.

Social Responsibility

Hygiene contributions to 50 thousand students

In our “Supporting Education with Hygiene”campaign, UZAY KIMYA brought liquid soap and soap dispensers to schools. Throughout the campaign period we provided hygiene support to roughly 50 thousand students. Our CEO, Sevda Arıkan, started this movement with her perspective that, “Every employer should have the goal to provide the opportunity for education in a clean environment.”

Because we have served in the cleaning sector for many years, we take community health seriously. With this awareness we started our campaign and advertised to the public the importance of clean school settings. At every opportunity we brought attention to how important it is for our children to have clean surroundings in order for them to have spiritual and physical health.

We provided support to education with our “Campaign for School Hygiene”project because we have adopted a principle of Giving Back to the community from what we have earned. We will continue our social responsibility projects in the future as well.