Benim Softener 750 ml / 2.25 Lt

Benim Softener 750 ml / 2.25 Lt

Benim Laundry Softener is specially formulated for allergic and sensitive skin, and contains no coloring. It gives your laundry long lasting freshness and preserves the colors. It can be safely used for your sensitive clothes, rinses easily and leaves no residue. Specially selected raw materials penetrate the fibers, and give a soft touch to sensitive skin. Thanks to its moisturizing and nourishing effect on the skin, it is suitable for baby's skin. It is eco-friendly and also effective in hard water.


For Machine and Hand wash 
Suitable for all kinds of water hardnesses.
Normal soft 100 ml.
Extra soft 150 ml.
For hand wash; For 10 liters of water 100 ml.


5-15 % Kationic surfactant, <5 %  Nonionic surfactant, Preservative, Perfume, Water.


• Read the instructions.
• In order to protect skin, avoid prolonged contact with detergent. 
• After washing clothes, rinse with plenty of water.
• Keep out of reach of children. 
• Do not use for cleaning face, hand, body and foodstuff. 
• Keep away from food products.
• If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and show this container or label.