• Soins des Tissus

      Giz Laundry Detergent

      2,25 Lt
      Giz Laundry Detergent

      Giz Laundry Detergent - 3 types

      1,5 Lt.
      Giz Laundry Detergent - 3 types

      Detergent for :

      1. Black and coloured laundry.
      2. Wool and silk.
      3. White laundry.

      Prevents colors from fading, protects the original color.
      Softens the laundry.
      Effective in all water hardnesses, rinses easily and leaves no residue
      Pleasant fragrance for your laundry.

      GIZ Curtain Bleach

      500 / 750 gr.
      GIZ Curtain Bleach
      1. Formulated for stain and spot removal from curtains.
      2. Makes the curtains whiter and brighter.
      3. Suitable for all types of machine and hand wash.

      Giz Anti-Calcaire

      500 / 1000 gr.
      Giz Anti-Calcaire
      1. Softens water.
      2. Improveswashing performance, reduces energy and detergent consumption.
      3. Prevents laundry from hardness and darkness caused by lime scale.

      Giz Laundry Bleach

      500 / 750 gr.
      Giz Laundry Bleach
      1. Brightens colored and white laundry.
      2. Chlorine-free formulation protects fabric.
      3. Suitable for machine and hand wash.

      Uzay Stain Remover

      500 ml.
      Uzay Stain Remover
      1. Removes stains from white and colored laundry to clean up and remove the stains from clothing.
      2. Also suitable for carpet and upholstery
      3. Effective on toughest stains like blood, oil, make-up and etc.
      4. Safe for all types of machine and hand wash

      Uzay Stain Remover Wipe

      12 pcs.
      Uzat Stain Remover Wipe
      1. Instant stain removal.
      2. Safe for use on white and colored clothes
      3. Removes tea, coffee, soft drinks, chocolate, tomato sauce, ketchup, lip stick and food stains directly.
      4. Works on clothing, carpets, upholstery and car interior.