• Surface Care

      Uzay Wood & Parquet Cleaner

      750 / 1500 ml.
      Uzay Wood & Parquet Cleaner
      1. Effective cleaner for parquet and wooden surfaces.
      2. Removes stains like oil, smoke, dust etc.
      3. Protects natural beauty of the wood.
      4. Leaves a pleasant fragrance.

      Uzay Carpet & Upholstery Shampoo

      950 ml.
      Uzay Carpet & Upholstery Shampoo
      1. Separate products for Machine and Hand application.
      2. Cleans all kinds of carpet and upholstery (wool, synthetic, silk, cotton)
      3. Protects and brightens colors.
      4. Freshens the room and leaves a pleasant fragrance.
      5. Available for hand and machine application.

      Uzay Floor Polish

      750 ml.
      Uzay Floor Polish
      1. Made for hard surfaces such as marble, mosaic, ceramic, stone, plastic floor coverings, etc.
      2. Nourishesscratched and worn surfaces.
      3. Cleans surfaces and provides a long lasting shine at home and office.

      Uzay Glass Cleaner

      500 ml.
      Uzay Glass Cleaner
      1. Cleans stains, oils and dirt from all glass surfaces.
      2. Removes fingerprints, leaves no residue.
      3. Makes surfaces shiny and bright.

      Uzay Clean & Dust

      300 ml.
      Uzay Clean & Dust
      1. Cleans all surfaces including glass furniture, electrical appliances, TV, HI-FI, mirror, window and tiles
      2. Removes dust with anti-static property and delays re-dusting.
      3. Leaves pleasant fragrance with its special perfume.
      4. Our sprays contain no CFCs. Ozone friendly.

      Uzay Furniture Care Products

      350 ml.
      Uzay Furniture Care Products
      1. Can be applied on all kinds of wood (Walnut, oak, pine etc.)
      2. Quality waxes give wood a rich long lasting shine.
      3. Removes scratches, smudges, dust and fingermarks.
      4. Prolongs furniture life, prevents re-dusting.
      5. Special parfume leaves lovely fragrance and freshness
      6. Our surface care sprays do not contain no CFCs. Ozone-friendly.

      Uzay Kitchen Cleaner

      1. Removes tough stains and oil scum from ovens, grills and kitchen fixtures.
      2. Just spray and wipe off.
      3. No rinsing required.

      Uzay Bathroom Cleaner

      500 ml.
      1. Formulated for sparkling clean tubs, tiles and bath fixtures.
      2. Removes tough stains, hard water deposits and soap scum.
      3. Just spray and wipe.

      Uzay Fridge & Microwave Cleaner

      Uzay Fridge & Microwave Cleaner
      1. Cleans and removes food residues from refrigerators, microwave ovens, deep-freezers, etc.
      2. Prevents formation of bacteria and mould from leftovers.
      3. Powerful formula leaves a clean sparkle.

      Uzay Inox Cleaner

      1. Formulated to clean surfaces of inox appliances (refrigerators, dishwashers, cookers, sinks, etc.)
      2. Easily removes stains, grime and water spots without rubbing.
      3. Cleans inox surfaces with brilliant shine.

      Uzay Plastic Cleaner

      1. Formulated to clean all plastic surfaces such as PVC doors, windows, tables, chairs and garden furniture.
      2. Cleans effectively without rubbing or scratching.
      3. Delays re-soiling, without wearing the surface.

      Uzay Painted Wall Cleaner

      1. Plant-based formula cleans painted walls without scratching and rubbing.
      2. Removes undesired scents (e.g. cigarette smoke, food smell, etc.) and easily washes off.
      3. Delays re-soiling of walls.